Metric/Imperial screws in local markets (ISB/RWP region)

Anyone have any leads where one could find some shop specialized in supply of screws of metric and imperial variety locally? Specific focus is on availability of complete range of imperial screws since every fastener shop has metric variety.

Did you check Nawaz hardware and Manzoor hardware at Gawalmandi?

Already checked earlier. Imperial #4-40 screws not available with either.

depending on how many you need they are fairly cheap by the 1000s on aliexpress, for lower qty’s 3mm fasteners work just fine as a replacement.

Aliexpress doesn’t have them. M3 threads don’t fit unless forced and that would destroy the threads.


What exactly you need in #4-40 ? Screws, nuts or standoffs / PCB spacers ? Qty ?

If PCB spacers, I have some packets of PCB standoffs with one male + one female side.

EDIT: I was able to see plenty of stuff on AliExpress about #4-40 screw. Not sure what exactly you are looking for.

#4-40 pan head screws are available in market but not countersunk (CS) variants in SS304 or SS316 materials.