Meteor Defender - Same Color Shooting Game

Are you looking for the meteor defender or the same color matching game? So this Meteor Mania canon shoot game is for you. Meet Walter Wormsworth a great Star that throws without arms and walk without legs. Have you ever seen such a star in any ball matching game or meteor game? I am pretty sure; this is the first time you will see such a Star in this Meteor Mania – the best ball shooting game.

Hit Target to Get Points:

Match and shoot above the same color ball game will give you at least 10 points, and for every meteorite, you hit with a canon, you will also get more points. Set an aim to hit your target and get the maximum points in the Meteor Mania – the legend shooting game.

The game is recommended for both kids and youngsters. This color ball match addictive gameplay lets you play for a long. You can give a challenge to your friends to play together. Let’s share this best and unique game with your friends and play for getting high points in the game.

Best Features Include:-
• Addictive gameplay, you would like to play it for a long.
• Attractive design and pleasant sounds.
• Swap the canon to match the same color ball.
• Shoot Meteorites with canons.
• Unique features and legend Star character.
• Leader board and points chart to see achievements.
• The Canon shooter ball matching game is free to play.

Download via Playstore: