Metal Gear Solid 4 released. Exclusive to the Playstation 3 ;)

So anyone in here played MGS4 yet? Im gonna buy it, it just released yesterday. I've heard it got ratings of 9.9/10 :o So it seems like a great game. The best part is, its exclusive to the PS3 :D

How is it being exclusive to PS3 the 'best thing'? If anything its the worst thing!

No its the best thing for me as i have a PS3 and most people havent. So its nice to have a great game which is on no other platform, a game which only PS3 owners can enjoy.

How selfish! :P

And yes. I've seen some in-game videos of MGS. Its insane! Haven't gotten a chance to play it yet.

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How selfish! :P

And yes. I’ve seen some in-game videos of MGS. Its insane! Haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet.


Also its story line is something i really love. Its the last edition of MGS and im hoping it will be a cracking game. It looks like that and the reviews do back that up. Im just hearing that its not a very long game. If thats true then it could disappoint me because i was disappointed with Uncharted as the game was fabulous but was very short indeed.

Gonna buy it on Monday probably.

Ive got the game, and boy, what a game.. Awesome game... I really love this game. Anyone who buys this game MUST play it from start with the hardest difficulty level or the game will end really quickly and they'll be disappointedly.

Where's that guy DarkBlak? Im sure he's bought the game.. Its an awesome game and a must have for those with a PS3.

One of the best games of the century is here and sadly no one here on this forum has played it :D... I finished the game yesterday and i am just Speechless...

Graphics 10/10

Gameplay 10/10

Sound/Music 10/10

This game pwns all !!! An excellent game which requires you to use your brain at certain points its not just endless crazy shooting.. If someone hasnt played this game, they havent played anything.

This game is WORTH buying a PS3 for.. Superb game.

And the cutscenes are just amazing, they are long cutscenes just like in every other Metal gear Solid game but they are so amazing, it just takes your breath away. So if you ever get the chance to play the game, do so. Its probably the best game of the century so far.

DON'T argue, especially on something as trivial as console gaming. Discuss nothing but MGS4 here, and no console flame wars.