Mercury Inverter Reboot Computer

Dear All,

I've a Mercury Inverter 1000va installed at home it's functionality is very much similar to the Hommage Invertor. It's working fine, only problem is when light turn off it reboot the computer. Oftenly it didnt reboot when electricity supply turn on.

Once, I read in some forum that there is some kind of cable to resolve this issue. Kindly share any knowledge about the solution of this problem.



the inverter is switch from AC to battery fast enuf...

it is lagging... thus the pc is turned off....

may b cuz ur battery is low or exhausted...

or else u can get a good PSU.....

Dear Shoukat,

Thanks for your prompt reply. It do happen even the batteries are fully charged and batteries are yet in good condition.. what do u mean by getting good PSU?

One more thing, I've a Riello 1kv UPS attached to the computer but it give me backup for 30 minutes.. I've plugged this Computer UPS with the supply from batteries but when the supply converted to the battery it doesnt continuosly give supply to the Riello.

Solution for any of the following problems?

1. Computer dont get reboot when I directly attach it to the socket.

2. Reillo UPS keep working if light go off and I give supply from battery to Reillo.

Thanks again!