Mens Wear - Karachi

So ya'll who like to dress well, where do you peeps shop? List your favorite casual, formal menswear shops here. Also give details like price range etc. Update this thread if you find some shop with good sale!

For me, im mostly a casual guy even at the office. Its usually jeans with a nice tshirt or polo with standing collars =D

Outfitters is great for casuals. Very nice and cool tshirts, casual half sleeves cotton shirts, polo's are fine too. they have a new summer collection out so go get em. Price range for new collection is usually above 1000 PKR. You can get a good buy from their last collection at around 700 PKR (on sale).

CrossRoads - Great new collection of summer casual shirts, nice cuts for tshirts. Same price range as outfitters.

YELLOW - Yellow is great. Bought few polo's and tshirts from their sale at zamzama shop for around 550-600 PKR. Best best shop for decent casual shirts, expecially polo's.

Will update more laters.


Haven't bought a shirt for a couple of years, no matter how many shirts I have in my closet I only stick with two or three favs for the whole season.

I love my shirt which has a jumping pig on written Pumba

Cross Roads is becoming out of budget now. I used to shop from cross roads too. Reason may be is that they are now comparing themself with other international outlets.

Usually I shop from "xtreme" in zamzama. They have quality shirts with prize ranging from 400 to ??

Another thing I would like to share is, A couple of days ago when I was busy printing the Pakistan Cricket shirts. I got a shirt from Rex center. It cost me 150 rupees. So here is how I got it. I bought the original white T shirt for 80 rupees from whole sale and then went to printing staff and got the popaye print for 70 rupees :) Do check out this way too. You will get many colors with your own print :)


I know ur a budding businessman and can afford to buy in bulk :P but can u give us info on where to get plain white (and colored) tshirts, nicely stitched and with some nice cuts/fits. Wont be able to buy alot but eager to give an extra 50 rs for that.

Also can u pls show pictures of the printed shirts if u can. i'd be glad to wear my own custom made tshirts.

PS. i agree crossroads is a little on the expensive side. btw i recommend Yellow to everyone.

I've seen a number of street hawkers selling plain white Tee with stupid printed designs/Logos in the middle of them. That was in the North Nazimabad area.

Besides that there were a couple of great Tees at makro stargate for 415 today :) There was one with a 'I am on Gap year...' stuff like that written on it. I just could not resist on buying that one :D

Cross roads and Outfitter fabric isnot good. After 1-2 washs, it looses its texture

i always go for outfitters. best brand availble for men in pakistan

If anyone looking for real quality dress shirts, do check CHROME outlet in Defence area. They provide custom made shirt, stitching and fabric is awesome.

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If anyone looking for real quality dress shirts, do check CHROME outlet in Defence area. They provide custom made shirt, stitching and fabric is awesome.

Can you please specify the price range and exact address, because just stating Defense is not enough :)


Visit: and you may join their facebook as well.

Whatever clothes you wear or what type, but the main thing is that you should feel comfortable and should be happy to wear it again and again. It's color design, pattern are the secondary things.

Levis "Signature" brand is quite affordable and good. Very nice prints for T-shirts and good material aswell. Bought couple of them from their Millenium Mall outlet at Gulistan e johar. You can get these from their Saddar Factory outlet aswell.

Average jeans though. Try Levis Signature for Tshirts.