Memes Generator App for Whatsapp

If you are one of those who enjoy watching and sharing memes, in this app you will find everything you need to create new and original memes, you can see all the memes created by other people, and most importantly, you can create your own memes in Stickers , so you can easily add them to your WhatsApp. You can also vote the memes so that all users see the most voted memes.

In the editor you will find a great variety of memes backgrounds to create yours, you just have to add your text and that’s it, you’ll have your own meme created, it also has several options to edit it like add your own images, Stickers, erase, draw. .

Enter the available memes to decorate are the most famous, such as Thug Life, TV Show memes, I enter many more …

To install the WAStickerapps
Access the list of stickers and select on the “+” icon and click on add stickers to Whatsapp, then you can access the WAStickerapps within your chat.

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