I have been a subscriber of Mehran cable operator ever since it started because there was none other. He tarted with 40 English entertainment channels and and 10 English sports channels. Which was a great package but Mehran kept changing its name and the channels and fewer channels were being shown.

There were a number of Indian channels. As they years went by the number of English entertainment channels have dwindled down to 4 only there are only 5 sports channels. Indian channels were suspended then revived.

When this was happening - he said that PEMRA has imposed restrictions. However elsewhere in Karachi, all those channels are still running. If it PEMRA had banned them, how is it that the rest of Karachi is receiving those channels? PEMRA would have banned those channels all over Karachi, not just in DHA.

Mehran now is running his own private channels in place of the slots allocated for different channels. He is showing films and different shows and has several advertisements of spurious products. He is showing all those shows which came on the channels he has shut down . There should be a difference between a cable operator and a channel. Subscribers are being presented rubbish. All the channels are rerouted through his computers. It is pointless to say anything to him unless all the subscribers get together and deal with him.