Maximum length of the USB cable?

Normally with any USB powered device you get up to 1 meter long cable, does it not come in any other size?

For example if I want 5 meter USB cable is it available?

^yes. and even 10 meter.. or you can get it custom made yourself to any length.

By USB standards, it is 5 meters if the cable has proper shielding (high quality cables). Otherwise use 3 meters.

also depends on power usage.. if using mouse or usb drive or similar low powered device, it will be fine for long lengths.. if using it for usb fans or hard disks, they may malfunction or if you are lucky, they may not even power up at all.

due to low specs of USB voltage , it drops at longer cables.

We have 10 meters long USB 2.0 Cables in office. It cost arround $10 to $15.

depends on your requirements, as the other have mentioned 5 meter's is a standard.