Maximum hdd size my mobo can go?

how can i know it?? i mean i don't think they would let me check harddisks with my computer:p ... i have a p4v8xmx asus board... it is a four year old board i guess... i am using 320gb sata on it... i have a newer computer too but i don't know about this computer if it can go to hardisks like 400gb or 500gb... i don't think it can go to 500gb but maybe a 400 gb sata... is there any site or anything that can let me know that maximum size of harddisk my motherboard can support??

Why would mobo limit ur max HD space. Anyway u can go for network attached storage. that would give you several terabytes without regard to ur mobo

network attached?? yeah that is a good idea man:D... but i could do that with usb harddrives too :P ... anyways old mobos don't support the new ones maybe because the max they support are the ones present at the time the mobos are made...