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But even if i get less than 80k with a pathetic ratio of 1:15 using LDN/PTCL 1mbps connection, its still be a better speed than Maxcom’s 512k for the same price



I signed up for 256k with MAXCOM before PTCL came out with the halfed rates and frankly, now I feel “pwned”. 1200/mo for 512k with a ratio of 1:15 sounds better to me than half the speed but with a better ratio. I don’t like this at all. It hasn’t even been installed at my place and I’m already having doubts…

What do you think I should do?

If you haven't paid for it then cancel your request, i dont know if its possible though..

The right decision at this time would be to sit back and enjoy watching the ISP war and wait till the dust settles so that you could see things more clearly.. or in other words be sabir like me.. Who would believe im still using desi cable with 5kB/s speed in this Broadband era? :D

Someone said share ratio does not matter. I think share ration means one 512K link is shared between 15 people and if that so than one is to get 4KB max when all the 15 people are on the go? If thats true then who gona waste money and time ? or am i taking it wrong?

LOL Shared Ratio on DSL is totally different.It does not work like cable net.

Well I have paid for it - but I'm totally put off right now... :(

Call their sales people and cancel your order if you like. I don't think you want to end up suffering from buyers remorse at the end of the day because of your doubts. Go with your gut, go to PTCL if required. That being said, last night at ~1am, I was downloading some Ad*be software from ParathaBay at 75 Kbps, so go figure.

As far as contention ratios go, I am not sure how ISPs implement them here, but if the ratios for PTCL are indeed 1:15, then each of those 15 odd users has a minimum reserved bandwidth equivalent to (total bandwidth / 15) or a maximum bandwidth of (total bandwidth). To put it in numbers, for a 512Kbps connection, the math works out to be:

Minimum Reserved Bandwidth (this absolutely the minimum speed you should ever experience, and might be the speed you experience during hours of high activity i.e. during the business day): 34kbps (4.2 KBps)

Maximum Bandwidth (this is the absolute maximum you can experience, as it assumes no one within your pool is using their connection, speeds you may experience during hours of low activity): 512kbps (64 KBps)

Now generally ISPs aren't completely stringent with their alloted bandwidth to the pool, i.e. a 1Mb pool may actually be alloted somewhere in the region of an extra 15-30% bandwidth to keep people happy. This would account for the occasionally insane speeds some people experience during the wee hours of the night or during wide power failures (I have experienced speeds in excess of 150 KBps for short bursts).

As a comparison, lets assume that the ISPs are actually stringent with their allotment (i.e. 512Kbps means 512Kbps) that would mean as a user of PTCL the lowest speed you could potentially experience is 4.2 KBps (based on a ratio of 1:15) and the lowest speed you could potentially experience as a Maxcom user would be 12.8 KBps (based on a ratio of 1:5).

I think for those who are looking for a *true* consistent, high speed experience they may want to seriously consider the ramifications of a high contention ratio.

Hope this helps.

p.s. I am NOT an employee or associated with Maxcom in any capacity. Just a community member.

Ah, that stings! :P

No, I think I'll wait this month out at least, see how things go.

I don't want to act like a mad hopper either!

Bumping this thread: I made a pretty large edit to my previous post (#47)

I have shifted to Wateen due to the problems in phone line. Loved Maxcom like anything but I so far have not cancelled my account yet. I can still cancel my order at wateen. They have some serious IP issues and from what I have read so far, it could mean into big problems for me in the future as I am a Google publisher too and if Wateen's IPs are getting blacklisted, that means... i am going to run away from Wateen like anything.

So what should I do guys? Stick with Maxcom or try to get LinkDotNet cuz I am expecting my phone line to get back to normal by tonight. Apparently LinkDotNet has good speed but I have been a very loyal maxcom customer... I am confused!

They SHOULD be revising packages. Like someone mentioned above, with a high contention ratio, you'll still be able to get more speed than Maxcom 512k package.

Ok what the hell is going on? Why the heck am I getting 30k when even my phone line is working absolutely fine and double checked with Maxcom support department? First, they are not reducing prices and now their service has degraded! What is going on? MAXCOM SPEAK UP!

You are not guaranteed 64KBps download speeds on a 512Kbps connection via Maxcom. You are guaranteed a minimum of 13KBps. Now, I have been downloading just fine for the last few days so perhaps the issue is with your setup. Why don't you call Maxcom, complain about the slow speeds and if things don't change, ask them (politely) to change your "contention pool."

Chances are there is probably some one within your contention pool who is a bit of a download hog =)

Other than that, no idea. I don't think there are any Maxcom CSRs floating around here, so your best way to get their attention is to email them at support [a] with your user information etc... I know their CEO used to get CC'd on all the support emails, but I am not so sure if that still is the case =)

The wonderful thing now is that you have choice, if Maxcom can't fulfill your needs, jump ship to PTCL / LDN etc...

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply Raza but I have already done that. They sent a dude who was not so technical. In fact the reason he gave me for the internet being slow was way too stupid to be true. I called yesterday and talked to a CSR Mr. Salar. He asked me to put a heavy file (service pack) on download and let it run for 20 mins so that he could monitor my internet. After 40 mins I called him and told him that my peak spead was 30k and he said ok, I'll have it checked. Nothing has happened so far and I have been calling them for at least half a month now and no change in service what so ever. This is the first time it's happening to me. Yes, I can change to LDN and PTCL but I want to make sure that I have done everything that was possible to get rid of the said issue because I like Maxcom and want to stay their customer for as long as possible.

So here is I am, trying to not only get some help from 111-111-375 but also from any Maxcom officials lurking in these forums :)

Why don't you follow up and again speak to Mr. Salar? The BEST thing you can do, is note down your entire problem, complete with who you spoke to, the results etc.. and email that to the support team AND the billing team. Feel free to state that they will lose your business if they fail to resolve your issue within a timely manner. Give them a chance, if they fail, there should be no regret.

p.s. check your email


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Ok what the hell is going on? Why the heck am I getting 30k when even my phone line is working absolutely fine and double checked with Maxcom support department? First, they are not reducing prices and now their service has degraded! What is going on? MAXCOM SPEAK UP!

No, I have been using MAXCOM 11months before from now, what you are taking about. MAXCOM is best of the best, they do cares to what their subscribers want as Ali form MAXCOM agreed to fulfill our wish to reduce their prices twice. right now, MAXCOM is quite as I suppose they are planning to lunch something which others can’t. I am with MAXCOM take your time and do something really special.

let me clear you one thing that since now, I have faced a major problem once yeah only once in 11months time period that my modem couldn’t sync and later I discover that MAXCOM is repair the caused damaged within few hours and do really mean it.Within 5-6hrs damage repairs and their holy service returns.

I never ever face speed problem, I have subscribed 256K speed lies 25-27kb thats a constant speed no jerks at all, if you don’t believe me okey I can post you a speed graph.



Please don't resort to fanboy-ism. This thread and forum is for constructive discussion on issues and offerings from the various providers. Resorting to child-ish bravado such as "MAXCOM is the best of the best..." doesn't help anyone.


I agreed with you Raza to some extend but not completely as subscribers from different ISPs visit this forum plus this thread also so that they share their own experiences.

What you so call it child-ish yeah is it as I didn't prove it.

Now I will prove, compare to LDN, MAXCOM aims to have customer specific from elite to middle class people, they are not hungry like LDN and secondly, MAXCOM aims to maintain their quality while LDN are degrading as they have increase the contention ratios.

Compare to PTCL, PTCL helpline is just for name but infact I says why they open their helpline as they doesn't want respond. I have been calling at PTCL helpline so many times to have some information about their "triple play project", every time I call I got this at the end "Hum mazadfa hain ais vaat operator masrof hain, manzait intaziar ka lay aik dabgay......"

I can imagine how bad PTCL's technical support is whereas, MAXCOM's technical support is always available and I never got it busy.

I must say that Maxcom should consider their packages again. The service is pathetic since the so called upgrade has taken place its more of a cable net kind of quality for browsing its good and speed is variable, we should get around 55-60kB download speed on 512kbps but a good number of people are getting around 30-35 44 at max. Technically speaking we are paying much more than what we actually should the speeds are comparable to PTCL and LDN . . . sooner of later all this best customer support "Bullshit" will fade away and scene will be taken over someone else.

Yeah I am with you Burn3r too, I will be waiting for no longer then 2months if MAXCOM is not to take any action.

To some extend, MAXCOM's quality has been degraded after revising their prices. What you people says???

I value customer service / quality of service more than marketing hype. You think you get frustrated with Maxcom's customer service? Wait till you try PTCL. I know because, I have PTCL service at one of my offices.

I am more than happy to pay a premium if that means I will get EXACTLY what is advertised as opposed to just hype.

Perhaps, I am just different.

I'm tempted by Linkdotnet's new rates esp. 1MB for Rs. 2000. gimme the general feedback