Margalla Hills Islamabad view

hey guys

Margalla Hills Islamabad view

Journey to Margalla Hills Islamabad Off Road Track


Engr Asad

Good sharing


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I like Islamabad. My old home city that I have left.

Left for which one ?

mmm great vieww!

thankx guys

I miss Islambaad too. I miss it here

I miss ISB too. My whole childhood was spent there. Wish I could go back real soon...

i visited ISB last year, and this video brought back those memories again....

I H8 ISB there Patrol police always treat peoples like terrorists

Thanks for sharing.. i have never been in Asia before but soon i will be visiting India. I'll give this hill a visit if i get in Islamabad.

nice skyscraper

Spent good 6 years in Islamabad. I had an excellent view of Margalla hills from my window in my last three years of residence and I enjoyed every bit of it !