"MAN'S SUIT Tailor or Retailer" in Karachi. (Coat and Pant)

I am looking for decently priced Man's suit tailor or Retailer in Karachi from where I can get whole suit (coat and pant) for like Rs 8000 each. Not too cheap and not too high end I think Rs 8000 is pretty decent for average suit in PK.

I have a very average body size 42R so I can grab suit from off the shelf without any alteration etc, well I have come across many Pakistani labels like Cotton & Cotton, Lawrencepur etc but there prices are like Rs 25000 plus for a suit, if I want to spend that high then I can always have my relatives in USA buy for me real designers like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers for Rs 16000 a suit in sale season from there, so why the heck I would spend Rs 25000 for Pakistani Brand.

Any info regarding tailors or retailers would be nice, thanks