Managing WiMAX connections

I just downloaded Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX software for my Mainboard: Intel DP45SG. And after installing its not starting. In help it explains:

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If you start the Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility and this message is displayed, it is because another application is controlling the WiMAX adapter and connections. To use the Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility to activate networks and make connections, first remove the other application from your computer. Then reboot the computer and start Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility.


Please tell me what would be the right way using my Wateen connection in this case. Either use the exisiting working settings or I should use this new downloaded software by uninstalling the previous Adapter?

It also says that:

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NOTE: WiFi and WiMAX cannot operate at the same time. If WiFi is connected, turning on WiMAX will disconnect WiFi. You should now close any WiFi connections.

NOTE: If a program other than Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility is managing your WiMAX adapter, you need to remove that program from the computer. Then reboot the computer.


Salam Imran i was setting up wifi for my lappy too few days back , are you using Wateen cpei 35600 ?? wateen guys were telling me that i will have to connect a wireless Tp link device with my Wateen's router to enable wifi .

I am using Buckeye Device.

Not yet using WIFI but possibally in the coming days.

I am just talking about the wimax software by intel. Would it be better then the regular settings or not?

Why not google it and then tell us if it works.

Wait a minute!!!

the board you got is, Intel DP45SG. I just saw it doesn't have built-in WiFi or WiMax enabled device. are you going to use any thing external?

I am just wondering how are you going to use that software. you don't have any thing that is required to operate with this software :rolleyes:

I am having Wateen's device which I connect with PC via UTP cable. Just like a router is used for DSL this device is workig for me. I am not having WIFI enabled device but wimax device is there. So why not use this software for wimax. But I am not getting the what to uninstall for making this wimaz software work.

^As well as I know such softwares, which you are trying to use are to support driver softwares that actually performs to communicate with your built-in or attached Wireless Link Adapter such as a traditional WiFi device.

just like that there are device products by Intel as follows

-Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5350

-Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150

the software you are trying to use is to support these devices, means you do not actually use any device delivered by Wateen or any of your ISPs.

the above listed wireless link adapters are just like the Device you get from Wateen and then these adapters directly get connected with your ISP services as per the settings which are supposed to be configured for the device.

However I am still not sure what are you trying to do with your PC and Buckeye along with this software. may be you've gotten some point. may be not

When you said "the WiMax device is there". What did you refer to, from following?

1- The Wateen's WiMax Device(Buckeye, you previously mentioned)?

2- Any of the two adapters listed above?

3- Any other adapter?

If you were referring to the 1st option (The Wateen's WiMax device) then this software is not for you.

If you are playing with the 2nd option then you must go through

If your answer is 3rd one then I am not sure what will be the suitable solution for you.

^Yes bro you are absolutely rite.

I was referring to the 1st option (The Wateen's WiMax device).

Yesterday I uninstalled the Intel Network Connections from control Panel which this software was referring to but this wimax didn't worked after the uninstall.

So, I uninstalled the Wimax software provided by intel. May be you are rite that this software is particularly for WIFI activity with Wimax connection. As I don't have WIFI device, so I can't check it with my device.


What did you used?


i have got motorola wimax cpei 300 series device. The thing is i am currently using ptcl broad band 1mb and i wanted to turn the wimax device into into a wifi router for my laptop. is this convergence possible???? please help me