MamooInPakistan - Get your work done in Pakistan without "favors"!

Living abroad? There are many times when you need to get some work done back in Pakistan. However, you usually have to ask for favors from friends or relatives.. and usually these are huge favors as they often take a lot of time. Plus, it's often difficult for your family when it comes to health and hospitals. There, this website can come to rescue.

Don't go by its name, I think it came from the fact that usually your "mamoos" or "chachus" get that kind of work done for you when you're outside the country.

I believe it's a very good initiative and I'm sure I'll use their services in future. Thumbs Up!

P.s. I'm in no way related to them but I was truly impressed by the idea and that compelled me to post about it here.

Great idea! Thanks for sharing this Asad.

I like the mascot too! Very mamoo-type!

lets see....