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Future Track Consulting, a division of Icon Communications, is Pakistan's premier consulting firm offering a one-stop solution to individuals, businesses and investors looking for an alternate destination closer to home, Malaysia. Future Track Consulting provides a one-stop solution through well planned strategies, practical scenarios and measurable results to our clients in Pakistan and worldwide.

Why Malaysia?

A solid infrastructure that is being further strengthened by the government’s “Ninth Plan” renders Malaysia a modern and efficient country. Increased air services as well as tax breaks and other incentives are enticing overseas investors to the country. With prices still at an amazing low, discerning property investors regard this strong Asian economy as a lucrative one for high returns on investment.

The International Property Investment Network has selected Malaysia as one of its chosen locations to offer solid investment opportunities to its members. Why not find out about the many reasons for this in our Malaysia investment research section?

Why Invest in Malaysia?

As one of Asia’s prime emerging property markets, Malaysia has much to offer worldwide property investors. Natural and economic factors are set to offer fast and significant growth potential in Malaysia.

Malaysia currently offers some of the best investment opportunities available in the worldwide property market. Rental yields and capital growth figures rate well amongst today’s emerging markets and a new spurt of corporate investments via investor friendly government policies, have boosted Malaysia’s economy to new levels. This, together with a booming tourist industry and the creation of new luxury resorts is creating an exciting property investment climate in Malaysia.

Intelligent investors are quickly making the most of today´s real estate market in Malaysia, while prices are low and opportunities still last.


Asif Mahmood,


Future Track Consulting.


Malaysia my second Home – Pakistan

why should we leave pakistan or take money out of here.. :-/

pakistan already needs investment.

its not about leaving its just about investing, which in return would help us, pakistani's. or maybe just to look out for a better opportunity.

Last I recall, this was a Pakistani forum, not a Malaysian one. :/

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Last I recall, this was a Pakistani forum, not a Malaysian one. :confused:

Yes, its really all about Pakistan, and let me explain. I have a dear close friend who runs an IT Export company providing web/bpo services to US and EU clients, and in turn creating employment opportunities in Pakistan currently 60 families running their kitchen, and bringing Foreign Exchange Reserves to Pakistan also, on top that they purchase IT equipment and various other services, utilities where they pay Sales Tax and other taxes to our beloved nation Pakistan.

LATELY, he has been experiencing a lot of problems not just maintaining the operations but also the ability for him to communicate properly on timely basis due to electricity problems. On top of that majority of their clients are saying they don’t feel comfortable sending money to Pakistan or even dealing with a Pakistani company. So the only choice for them is to move to the giant IT destination, INDIA. In order to protect that from happening, we are helping them setup an IT company in Malaysia, thereby they can have a small representative or marketing office with part of their management in Malaysia where they can seamlessly communicate with their clients as well as conduct better marketing due to so many large expos and seminars and presence of international buyers, On the other hand they can continue sending that WORK to Pakistan and run their operations in Pakistan, and route their funds in a round-a-about clean fashion, again bringing foreign exchange to Pakistan and maintaining employment and tax bill to our government here in Pakistan.

So, Is this NOT a service to Pakistan?




Malaysia my second Home MM2H