Making a multiboot usb with menu at boot

Guys urgent help needed.

I want to make a multipule boot image of any format/ISO/USB from which

i can boot hiren's boot disk, Windows 7 setup and windows server 2008.

I want to add my own customized windows 7 and server 2008 image in it.

I need to do this with a proper menu at BOOT SCREEN which prompts

something like this,

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
INformation blah blah blah....................

1.Windows 7

2.Windows Server 2008

3.Hiren's Boot Disk

4.Boot from hard disk


Enter number of your selection:


So if any one can help me i'll be pleased, i've tried many utilities but no

proper result.

dude If I'm understanding you correctly your scenario is to boot off the usb drive loading a menu to select the iso You want from a list of those that are on the drive then booting off of the iso that is selected?

I want to launch the setup so that i can install win7, server 2008 and use utilities as we do in routine.

Partition the pendrive and install a different OS on each partition. Use GRUB to choose the partition at boot time. (You can't boot an iso, you can only use the files in it to install an OS.)

one of my friend did something like this but he used external USB HDD not pendrive and he used GRUB

I want to know the method, i couldn't find any comprehensive guide on making such thing in Grub.

And what if i use Windows as my host OS.

I need the solution as soon as possible. Any other software.


Of the many utilities you tried, was EasyBoot ( one of them?

yes i've tried it.

Then you must have missed something or done something wrong, because the said program is quite capable of what you intend to do. :rolleyes:

I used easyboot to make the image but it didn't help, after your post i've downloaded it again and i;m trying it now. I'll share results with you this time. wait!

OK now i can load win 7 and server2008 setup but can't load hiren boot disk.

Got this from EZBoot forums (for hirens bootcd 14):

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1.extract hbcd to folder disk 1 HBCD and copy this files (isolinux,memdisk) to ezboot folder.

3.use this command in easy boot menu command

bootinfotable ; run isolinux.bin

4.have fun.


Hope it helps.

There is a wealth of information on the EasyBoot forums for different issues such as this.

ok i'll try. But i what i did is i extracted the required tools from the hiren's boot disk and made them to boot using "hiren's bootablecd" utility i had to edit few notepad files according to my requirement. But still it needs to be finalized. I'll try it and share the results.

i'll search thoroughly on easyboots forums for this. Thanx alot for the help and pointing me into right direction.