Make IELTS August 2014 attempt successful

Make IELTS August 2014 attempt successful

Eid is around the corner and once again efforts by candidates to achieve their targeted band like 7 overall or 7 in each will be carried in IELTS August 2014 exams. In Ramadan , most of candidates in Karachi fast so they couldn’t concentrate on weak areas but only practiced as usual. I am going to share some updates, problems and solution to boost your skills in achieving 7 band score.

Recently I taught one couple in which the wife scored more while the husband scored less by .5 in one module. While teaching them she was confident and focused which helped her get her desired score. Husband was always focusing on unnecessary like worrying about answer of worry simple question and leaving other questions answers in listening and reading. this as a result , got him down. Though his English was perfect.

It is important to be natural while attempting writing or speaking module specially. Candidates try to memorize phrases which do not fit in situation usually. This breaks unity , reference and clear progression of ideas in the paragraph.

Similarly, in reading and listening make interaction ask yourself questions before each module starts, meanwhile and continue this process. This will activate your mind and chances for catching answers will be more.

Those who do not try to understand situations like what’s going on in listening and reading score least band. As they only look for answers without understanding where question are what the passage or recording is about.

I sometimes check essays of students posted on recent exam posts on my website. If you click on “RECENT IELTS EXAM QUESTIONS” there will be a lot questions which came in previous all exams. Try to write on any essay and simply post it in comments box. Once i get time , will approve and check. I will point out your weak areas in essays which then you need to improve. Such process will help you increase your band score in Writing.

Also for reading learn to get central idea of paragraphs and supporting details. You can read articles in newspapers, magazines, journals or books. While reading articles make a map of what you read so at the end you can judge what you read what points were discussed in each paragraph and what supporting information was provided. Such skills are tested in actual IELTS reading test but there we do not perform naturally. Candidates get worry more and focus less , this breaks this attention and focus which results in poor band score in reading.

For speaking in actual interview , speak as if you are speaking to you friend on a general topic. Try to elaborate answers naturally , vocabulary and grammar will develop itself. whatever you wish to discuss just explain it well . I bet this will get you very good band.

About listening learn to follow discussions, conversations and lectures or news talk. Recording is played only once which is not a big issue, just concentrate what topic is being discussed and what are the details. Normally questions come from details so follow them well. Well in advance learn to read questions and instructions quickly so that you can not make the answer grammatically or instruction wise wrong. The rest keep reading question and same time listen and write your answers. Write your answers quickly as sometimes 2 answers come very close and if you write slow , you may miss them. Don’t worry if you miss out any question as still there are plenty to corrections answers you can produce.

I hope every body gets desired band in August!


Mohammad Alam