Magic Jack Not Working Anymore :(

Hello everyone!
first time poster here.
i have tried looking through the archives and didnt find anything related to my issue.

Last year i brough an VOIP device MAGIC JACK PLUS from USA.
it worked great for a year, i have been using it on PTCL BroadBand. then since last month it started giving my trouble until 20 dats ago it stopped working all together! it has been giving my internet error. i have tried contacting PTCL, but sorry to say the people over there have been NO help. every other agent has a new and different opinion.

from what i have gathered is that they have blocked the port for magic jack. now i have tried adding the MAC number of magic jack to my router it still is not working!

i contacted the magic jack reseller in PK and they had me install hotspot shield and now it works on pc and mobile but i use my magic jack hooked directly into the wall socket connected to router and a phone set so i could make and receive calls without having to keep my pc on ALL the time in order to receive calls from USA

any anyone help me out on this issue? if ptcl is blocking my device or has blocked the port is there any way to unblock ot bypass it?
i will be really grateful

thank you

Voip is not allowed So blocked

Welcome to Pakistan

PTCL claims they have not blocked any ports.
is there ANY way around it (apart from resorting to use the smartphone app or using magic jack device from my pc?)

it worked like a charm for a year :(

It is my understanding that PTCL is blocking such ports.

Telephone receptionists usually don’t know wats happening in the core network.

having the same issue as well.. works via USB pc but not via the wall outlet. :S

I knew it!!!! I couldn't believe why it wasn't working unless it was blocked in Blockinstan. I think even the app doesn't work anymore? Am I correct?

Did you guys find any work around the problem? Please, someone help!!!

Magicjack user here. I use the magicapp and it seems they've blocked the ports. I can hear the other person on the line but they can't hear me. The only solution for this is to install a vpn....but a majority of those are blocked too...!@#$%^ PTA/PTCL/Ministry of IT

Just for information:

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Dan Borislow, the inventor of magicJack and a pioneer in developing phone calls over the Internet,
died Monday, officials at the company he founded said. He was 52.

The magic jack app is so broken. It keeps reloading and nothing happens :(