Magic Dungeon Run - rescue

City Run Magic Dungeon is a free 3D endless run game under magic city sewer dungeon with rescue mission for the lost baby . You will play dungeon runner, take endless running mission , dash, slide, run and surf to the dark dungeon tunnel end ! Your dungeon run mission is to run fast and save innocent lost baby ! Toss magic dice and run 2016 dungeon surfers love best!

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City Run Sewer Dungeon Magic Tunnel surfer missions of adventure :
My run hero , dash fast to save the lost baby from the mysterious sewer tunnel system. It is not like run in temple or jungle , you will run through vivid 3d underground dungeon tunnel systems with obstacles like magic tunnel , gold banks, under river , traps, toxic gas , monsters and more. It is not safe under sewer dungeon tunnel , you’d run faster and save the lost baby. Remember to use boosters while running and speed up with rocket .
The run family members are out for a picnic, the baby get in the flow. Oh, Jesus, we need to save the baby. So the family members will run after the baby and rescue her. The father , sister , brother, mom , even the dog ozzy will play the runner to save her. Who will be the first to save our baby ? Find it out now.
How to play City Run Magic Tunnel endless run game?
Remember the run hint : Dash , slide, surf , jump , squat , take sharp turns , mind your head , and run faster. Take advantages of the boosters in the dungeon like rocket booster, magnets, money can, red heart life to add HP , baby cart to babysitter baby and more ..
Remember to pick up the road run boosters ,

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How to upgrade city run characters?
Yes, this game have various running figures, you can choose anyone from the family to run and save the lost baby from the magic tunnel .
Papa run : Handsome father run faster , stunts and accurate but less patience
Mom run : Love mum run less faster, but flexible,more clues and jump skills
Sister Run : Beauty girl can run faster flexible and more Health points
Ozzy the dog run : Teddy smell clue and find baby more accurate. But he can’t jump high.
This City Run Magic Dungeon is developed to bring you free 3d endless run game with HD graphics and cool free running game experience . The coolest running adventure game of 2016 for you , happy family game with family members.
Let’s save the baby and happy mothers’ day !