I am thinking about subscribing to magazines as they'll help me improving my english.

Currently, I have Reader's Digest in mind.

Any recommendations?



National Geographic

Wouldn't go anywhere without these.

PS: Also read great books. Not entertaining, but books that have the power to change the way you think. That is much more important then learning how to better at English.

What do you think about Reader's Digest? What books do you recommend?

Reader's Digest is okay, I'll read it if I'm bored. But thats pretty much it.

As for books, well, what are your interests? If you can, try to get a hold of Cosmos by Carl Sagan. Its also available as a TV series. I learned more from it then I ever did in school.

Other then that, I really like A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. Stephen Hawking's The Universe In A Nutshell.

But it really depends on your interest, to be honest.

In my opinion Readers Digest is an excellent choice. Its informative, entertaining and will definitely help you in your goal to improve your English language skills.

I would also recommend Time. Newsweek I find is way too skewed towards world politics and if you're not very interested in that kind of material, the magazine becomes a bore very quickly. In case you didn't know, most magazines post the majority of their material online as well so you don't need to subscribe (Time Magazine:

As for books, well like PB said it depends on your taste. I'm not sure how the library culture is faring in Karachi these days, but find a nice library and get a membership so you have access to a wide variety of authors.

What sort of magazines - tech, fashion, politics, business, family, etc?

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What sort of magazines - tech, fashion, politics, business, family, etc?

Business and Family.

OK, I'm more into science and tech mags but here are few I recommend based on your interests:

Reader's Digest

National Geographic


The Economist


Some of them should be available in the libraries.

P.S. I highly recommend "Scientific American" even if you are not into science. It's so informative, well written, and easy to understand (considering it's a science mag) that you'll increase your knowledge as well as improve your English language skills at the same time.

After Raza's recommendation, I've bought my first issue of "The Economist". :)

Wish me luck. :-)

Go to Sunday Bazaar and buy back issues of Scientific American, Discovery, New Scientist, Time, Newsweek etc.

Time is sensationalist garbage. If you want a current-affairs magazine, there is no substitute for the Economist. If you are the outdoorsy type or into photography, National Geographic used to be great. New Scientist, Business Week, Popular Science are all good magazines. Reader Digest is crap, if you want to read great stories, buy the issues before 1996, when the magazine was something other than coupon fodder for the elderly and near-senile.

I can't comment on stuff like Scientific American etc... because I was never inclined towards that route.

Given the number of blogs, online magazines and articles I find it difficult to find time to pick up a magazine these days. If I were to devote any time to reading, it would definitely in the form of catching up on my much maligned reading schedule ('the last mughal' stares at me as if to ask, today?)

@isharis: You'll hear as many different opinions as there are people here. So why don't you go to a library or to an old books store, buy past issues of different magazines and see what suits your taste.

Washington Post, Time Magazine, New York Times and many others are Zionist publications.

Check this out as well!!


They captured media now feeding whole world what they want and even diverting world on thier way through this media. There is lot of example what they doing but I dont think so this right foroum to discuss.

Reader digest is good .. Well, you should better try loooking for older one instead of new one .. they will save you a lot of money

if you into Pakistan's IT go for Spider.