Macro Recording System

Please tell me about the scope of this project. I want to ask what you think about this project and how much will it be spread.

Actually its a university project and 4 projects are given and I have to choose one.

I liked this one coz it was atleast it has limited boundary as a windows application and no web, internet,is involved.

I have also three other projects but will share later if someone got interest.

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Macro Recording System

Mapping of a certain input sequence or pattern onto an output sequence, according to the pre-defined procedure is known as Macro. In computer systems environment often users need to repeat similar actions again and again, on the applications that they use on daily basis. Macro Recording System will help users to first record a sequence of actions (keyboard input, mouse input, and other system events), save them, and then apply them manually or automatically (based on pre-defined schedule).

Following are the main features of the system:

Macros for Keyboard

Record keyboard inputs and save them for applying in future. This feature will allow users to record some text, after saving the recording, users should be able to press a hotkey to paste the text inside text based applications (such as notepad, word, excel, chat windows of messengers, inside browsers for email etc)

Record keyboard inputs to open applications. This feature will allow users to assign hotkeys to any installed application or file or folder in the system. After pressing the certain hotkey the appropriate application/file/folder should be opened. The application must not allow duplicate hotkeys.

Record keyboard inputs to fill forms. This feature will allow users to record keyboard sequence to enter values inside form fields for any desktop or web application (web site).

Record Keyboard inputs for system events (Shut down, Restart, Logoff). When the certain hotkey is pressed, the system should apply the appropriate system action.

Macros for Mouse

Capture mouse movement and clicks (left/right click). Apply these events manually or automatically (scheduled).

Logging & Reporting

Comprehensive logging of events recorded and performed, should be captured.

Reporting of events with attributes such as event date, time, name of logged in user, weather macro completed successfully or not.


The application should allow user to save settings such as:

-Run application on startup.

-Application Thread Priority based on windows settings (Below Normal, Normal, High etc).

NOTE: Windows services must be used to make the application run all the times during a logged-in session

Tools: Microsoft .Net or Java environment


Log em and then pull & execute em through some batch file.. eh? :P

^explain please.