Machine Readable Passport


My name is spelled slightly different on matric certificate, because of an error, than I actually use e.g Akhtar vs Akhter. All my work/tax certificates etc have the correct spelling. I wish to make passport as per actual spelling. Would that be a problem? Any solution!

Also, someone, told me that the address is not mentioned on passport, so there is no need to change it on cnic. I have been living in rented houses so it would be a hassle to change the permanent address. My current address is correctly mentioned on CNIC.

Any one having experience may please give some advice.

give an application to the Educational broad under which you cleared your matric exams.Stated that on your matric certificate your name spells are incorrect and you want to rectify this mistake. so please change the name. they will charge your some fee like 1200-2000 Rs. They will ask you proof of your right name (Your other educational documents, A certificate from you school where you studied matric etc) and your original matric certificate. They will issue you a new matric certficate copy(Printed duplicate copy) after canceling the current one. It usually takes 2 month process.



You can have problem especially when you apply for further education in abroad and you will have to verify your educational (matric/Inter) documents from IBCC and graduation/Master documents from (HEC). They will obviously put an objection on it. Embassy/educational institute can also raise an objection on it.

Hi again!

Yep, you are right about the problems & I had already submitted an application in this respect. And, that will take some time. Also, I confirmed that address is not mentioned on the passport so that's not an issue.

Right now I am concerned about the name issue passport. Any idea about that!



I m suffering from a dilemma, I would say! I never noticed in my studies time period that in my matriculation certificate and NIC, my name is written all alone i.e. without the inclusion of any 2nd name or even caste or family name. The thing remained this way in degrees and other certificates as well. I knew I had to have a change in name in my matriculation certificate and the things would be smooth, but as I shifted to Karachi some 4 yrs ago, so it always seemed to me a trouble and I kept on postponing.

When I professionally started my 1st job, I started adding my family name or caste name 'memon' to my name. In my bank accounts, the officials wrote my only name as in NIC, though. Then when I joined my second job in a much reputable organization, they refused to add 'memon' to my name as it was not there in NIC or degrees. Hence the HR personnel added my fathers name to my name saying it is necessary to have a 2nd name. Here again, name remained same in bank accounts because of NIC.

Now the thing is that I'm applying for an urgent passport for HAJ Inshallah, can not afford any mistakes or even edits in name at this time as it will take too long, so please guys tell me if it is possible to have a passport with 1st name only, I mean if my NIC bears only my 1st name as my name, and I write in my passport form my fathers name as my 2nd name, will the passport be rejected from officials stating that in NIC name is 'maha' and in passport name is 'maha Umer'.

Please guys help me in that!