Guys & Girls if any ...

I am planning to go back to studies after 8 years for MS CS from LUMS and I have no effin clue about mathematics & many other general items which are going to be in LGAT (cz. it's been quite a long time i've touched those) so please help your bro here and please discuss what institute for entry test is better and where should I start. If I fail, it would be a great disappointment .. so HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


If there is anybody out there who is planing to take this exam , we can become a study partner.


P.S: We are talking about Lahore.

Does LGAT have any resemblance with GAT?

friend of mine told me that anees hussain is good for preparation of lums lcat

go to the website below and check it out

I need a study partner for LCAT for sse ... No clue how to strart frm scratch in 10 daiz.