Lowest Latency to Singapore? (Lahore ISP)


I’m looking for a ISP that can provide a low latency to Singapore servers, maximum of 70ms. Currently I am using PTCL which provides 110ms, which is quite decent, but not the best. I want to lower it even more which, coupled with my recent dissatisfaction with PTCL, has had me searching for a different ISP. Stormfiber seems encouraging but their routing to Singapore isn’t that great. I realize this is a specific requirement but imperative to me nonetheless. Is there something that suits me?

Hey Gamer, thanks for the interest, actually it seems like you are proper user of internet services, i can offer you dedicated line for your needs with lowest latency to singapore servers,

if you need to check it, you can provide me with some of the ips and we will test them for you !!

our link will be wireless (p2p) in lahore, so just be advised !

can you share particular ip so i can check :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an IP : sgp-1.valve.net

Sure thing: sgp-1.valve.net

bad seen my friend on Fiberlink avg ms is 200+

Sad to hear :frowning: I know that Stormfiber also gives high ping to it. Looks like I’m screwed :hushed: