Low virtual memory!?

I am continuously getting messsage LOW VIRTUAL MEMORY..THE APPLICATION MUST BE CLOSED!!!

is it due to RAM!!!>>>??

yeah.. you should upgrade your memory.

otherwise check. it might be cause of any virus. dumping your machine memory.

i guess it is a virus!!!but I have checked through nod32 and it gives no thhreat but kaspersky online scanner gives 3 infections but they are not harmful!!!!

I should check through spyware dr. to check for spywares!!!

1st tell the RAM size in your machine,

well i think your machine needs more RAM,

well try this


"Right click on My Computer icon and click “Properties”.

Go to the “Advanced” tab.

Choose Performance and click “settings”.

Go to the “Advanced tab”

Change the setting for virtual memory

The best setting is the virtual memory size should be 1.5 times of your memory size (according to the Microsoft knowledge base)

Set the initial size and the maximum size equally the same. (Both are 1.5 times the amount of your system memory."

for a temporary solution try increasing your virtual memory

my RAM is 256MB+128MB....

and I get this problem only when I install SPYWARE DOCTOR..

I guess it is very heavy...thats why it might be giving the problem..

when I uninstall it,the problem goes anyway!!!

384Mb.. how do you manange with 384MBs :-/

you need to upgrade your machine..,

^waisay I am ok with that too..

however I should upgrade....i am thinking of buying laptops in next 2 or 3 months..

If I would have 60k,I would buy laptop and if not,I 'll go for desktop PC definitely!!!!!

@ dogarsahab

My guess is that you have a software installed that is leaking memory. There is also possibility that you have very low disk space in your harddisk partition where swap-file resides (usually C:).

Try deleting temporary files and have at least 25% free disk space in each of your partitions (recommended by Microsoft for stable working of Windows).

Fe-Aman Allah.

^ I have already this....

Infact I have increased the virtual memory and the problem is solved I guess!!!

Hey I have 1 GB memory and I often get this error

^then you have a bug..confirmed!!!