Low CTR Problem with Decent Traffic


I am running blogs related to mobile phone and technology news. I have worked hard to get traffic and somehow I am happy with my SEO efforts. Now the problem is low CTR is eating my efforts.

I have 600+ visitors per day on my blog www.news.mobilestore.pk But running into a problem that I am earning very low clicks per day. only 5 to 10 clicks per day. Please don't laugh at me. This is going irritating me gradually.

I also ready many posts that "How to increase CTR" but when I apply all the points on my blogs; it seems fine to me.

Can any body help me to get out this problem? I will really appreciate if I am going to get more clicks on my blogs.

I think I am really missing something in my analysis because changing ad placement, style blending is not enough working to increase CTR.


i think ap k website visitors pakistan india bangladesh wagira k hon gay is liya CTR kam hai. USA Australia UK etc k visitors hon tu CTR acha hota hai i think.