Low cost BEST Hosting,....Reviews!

hi there, i want to ask that what do you think about Justhost.com , i mean they are lowcost hosting,

please suggest Best low cost hosting ( only international hosts , not local ), which has good price and features , do you have any experiences?


I have been using Hostnine.com for two years now, and I am satisfied with it so far. But when I signed up with them, it was a normal 5GB space and 50GB bandwidth.

Personally I would rather avoid any host which offers anything "Unlimited", which usually means that they will oversell and have a TOS/fair usage policy worse than others. But if you have to go for one, read their terms carefully or ask their support (Like for example in Justhost, they say they won't backup any file larger than 40MB, and their unlimited definition equals normal use)


what about bluehost.com, hostmonster.com.....are they any good.

does anyone has experience of bluehost and hostmonster, please share,

Go for HostGator or Enotch for a VPS

Just buy a Cheap VPS!

I have heard bad reviews about blue host nonetheless I think Asad has hit the nail on the head! He has mentioned a few things that need to be carefully considered before selecting any host.

XYZ host would be brilliant UNTIL the day you run into trouble! That is the time when you get to experience/judge the type of support, quality and degree of responsibility a host exhibits!

A local perception here is that, we look for the lowest price ignoring the level of service offered. In most cases price and service quality are directly proportional.

And lastly it depends on the level of hosting you need? If it is for just some casual stuff then "Low cost best hosting" offering an uptime of lets say just 70% could suffice!

I just have a parting question why have you ruled out local hosts from your search?

Hope this helps!

i am using bluehost , no problems so far the data transfer for my site is in tb's

check sites like webhostingtalk or such for more reviews and what your requirement is


after reading some reviews about bluehost as of now i am shocked , i didnot face any of those problems (imap acc limits / inodes etc)

you better get http://www.ipage.com

and read http://www.10-cheapwebhosting.com/ => about bluehost since it was top#1 there.

yes i know that hosting service is directly proportional to the price, but i just want to know what would be the better option comparatively, i mean for starting,

my requirements are like 50 domains hosting in one package, mini sites like ( 200-300 MB per site )

and obviously would need 99.9% uptime

good bandwidth

price should be 1- 2 $ per month or less

all in all the people surfing the site should be able to easily view it at any time (99.9%)

what do you say about 1dollar-webhosting.com............has anyone experience with it?

If you look at the TOS of the company, it is mentioned in the "ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY" that:

Resource Usage

Using a shared account as a backup/storage device is not permitted, with the exception of one cPanel backup of the same account.

You agrees that you will not use excessive/High amounts of Resource usage (such as, CPU time, Daily cpu usage average, memory usage, network resources, etc). However we will give an option of paying extra for a Semi Dedicated or Dedicated server (It depends on your resources usage). We have the right to determine the high server usage level.


...is in itself an inherent contradiction. You cannot determine the thresholds yourself unless you start using the service. Hosting 50 domains on one account would surely cause a problem because each website will have its own share of traffic, taxing the server affecting other users on that particular shared hosting server leading to suspension without notice. Note: We have the right to determine the high server usage level

I would advise to steer clear of unlimited plans or carefully read their respective TOS and check for policies on fair use/suspension. Hosting companies usually have a threshold of allowing load to exceed for about 30-60 seconds, failure to stay within the limit leads to uninformed suspension and this holds true for quite a few renowned and big hosting companies out there. You wouldn't want 50 websites suspended altogether causing a bad impression on your visitors.

It may be feasible in the short run but might cause problems once your online presence starts to grow.

It also depends on what type of websites are being hosted. A single online store may equal 30 websites falling in XYZ category, in terms of load/resource usage.

Limited plans however would restrict web space, bandwidth, number of websites hosted per account to give you an idea with what you have to work with and peace of mind.

50 domains with 300mb each site. means 15GB,(Supposing all the sites are static) and what is the expected traffic rate?

i guess its pretty hard to have 1-2$ hosting for what you want. if you are looking for a reliable hosting.

You are not saying that these 50 domains also need SQL databases? because in that case you will be eating the server resources like Godzilla, and no body likes Godzilla :P

i am just saying that is there a plan where we have ALLOWANCE of 50 or more websites.............any webhosting service?

(i was not talking of illegal )

i just figured out that hostgator is very cheap! just 7.95 $ per month with unlimited domain hosting WOW!

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i just figured out that hostgator is very cheap! just 7.95 $ per month with unlimited domain hosting WOW!

But I guess you wanted $1 per month?

If you are going for HostGator its pretty good you can apply codes to get even more discount but if you have understanding of Managing Unmanaged VPS http://www.enotchnetworks.com/site/vps you can go for eNotch Technologies its around $5.95 But it will be very complex to use specially Kloxo/LxAdmin

^ well VPS is not a good option when you have not idea how to manage it. well if your site is hosted on a good server and your host doesn't oversell, then there is nothing like shared hosting because you get more resources to use.

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i just figured out that hostgator is very cheap! just 7.95 $ per month with unlimited domain hosting WOW!

How is that cheap? You were talking about 1Dollar-WebHosting.com and you said ‘price should be 1- 2 $ per month or less’.


well i would say yeah it is cheap hosting for what he is looking for. if they give him exactly what he wants, like 50 domain blah blah

^Yeah but that rate is like normal...not "very cheap" like ani said...even BlueHost provides 'unlimited domains' for $6.95 Per month...

^ its not about unlimited domains. Every domain points to a website which has contents around 300mb and he willing to host 50 domains and if the sites are dynamic based on mysql etc.then i would say they gonna kick him out in a month.

By the way i wont call a site mini if it has 300mb of data(contents) unless the site contains alot of media contents.

BlueHost would never ever allow that much resource hogging, I once tried 25 Web Directories on BlueHost they kicked my arse with a week. Script was phpLD 2.x