Lot mall LED TVs in local market

i will like to get your expert opinion before going for a good LED TV in local market (olx and hafeezcentre sites as well)

being on sale in 35K-40K range with features like full HD, smart tv, 3D etc from sony bravia HX650 HX750 series.

From dealers / salers
1) its Lot mall. ( may refurbished) but they claim its "new"
2) warranty will be handled by these dealers. ( no Sony or Samsung company )

anyone here who purchased these LEDs ?

There is no local warranty at all.. Absolutely none.. their warranty is only for dubai .. for which you will have to pay shipping costs to ship it back to dubai and recieve it back,.

it is mostly new, since they are latest models... but if there is some defect, there is no return after 1 day check.... only onsite checking is allowed to replace a unit.

if it does work fine, you are in great luck then.. :)

Are you sure these are not fake or Chinese copy like mobile phones? Can we check the led serial numbers on Sony web site. Can anybody tell more about these issues and any shop who deals like these led in Lahore.

1) on Hall road.
2) Imran mobiles on Abrar center wahdat center.
3) Nursery stop township. main supplier talked to him this morning about Bravia smart tv EX650 which i am going to buy inshahALLAH. he say these are malaysian made. warrenty (repair) will be handle by them locally.

Sony LEDs looked and functioning good with nice colors and andriod system where we can add apps and skype etc.

check LED,LCD section hafeezcentre.pk and search 'LED' on olx you will get ads from these dealers.

almost all major shops deal that way.. there are 1-2 importers and everyone just buys from them and sell to us customers.. thus everyone claims to become the importer themselves.

fake models canot be in the exact same shape and menus and pic quality as the original.. easiest way is to go to sony showroom and check all the features of that tv, view its shape and body design.. and all the features printed on the tv stickers.. then just check out that cheap lcd and compare spec by spec..

in most cases they would be exact originals, unless buying an old model.. copies take a lot of time to manufacture.. these are not mobiles.. these are huge ass tvs.. so in majority cases you are good to go..

the only major problems could be dead pixels, dead tv.. picture distortion or one of the ports on lcd not working.. if you can give that a complete checkup you are a lucky customer with a very cheap lcd.. :)

well as per my experience i can say that all these cheap LEDs are Fake / china maall.
just returned after checking one

1) front corner stickers were fake.
2) no info was mentioned in backside where normally lots of info is written

3) User manual was of 3rd party. low quality etc

4) Remote control was low quality
5) ports side panel etc were made of cheap steel plate

6) i couldnt find any model from sony which have Andriod 4.1 installed. but they (dealer) have a Sony EX650 which have this unique feature :)

so beware. dont take risk by purchasing these kind of LED TV

On Hall Road


Most are fakes there indeed! If its too good to be true, then, it probably is!


Ahmed Faraz

I bought Samsung Es6200 40 inches from wholeseller who said its new and imported but doesnt have any warranty. I took it and its been 7 months now. Its working perfectly. This way I saved around 25k.

Those SONY Bravias are 100% and undoubtedly fake , worst thing about these replicas are they Display menu's some with spelling mistakes even. I would say atleast buy a proper tv from an authorized seller that is, if you want to watch it for more than just a couple of years. Genuine sony tv would last atleast 10 times as long as a chinese TV so to speak.

That said, there are sill authentic Chinese LED TV models search arround and you'll find some , un-familiar brands out there "hall road mainly" a friend of mine bought one back in 07 and recently died after a good 6 years of rough use i.e. gaming, movies and using ups/generator power

I'd never take a risk and buy a fake Sony bravia, especially considering that there are quite a few Sony service and warranty centers in Lahore. Go for genuine and buy the real deal. If you can't afford one, either wait or buy in installments.

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After lot of research i purchased 32 inch LG LM6410 3D cinema Smart TV from SaqisCity.com

so far experience is top class and awesome features for this price.

also LED is Made in korea.