Looking to update my mobo, need suggestions

so after reading some reports on the new 45nm processors, i have decided to go for one but sadly my motherboard (ASUS p5mx se, sis chipset) does not support it,

so the time has come to sell it,,here are 3 boards iam looking at (cost is a factor so,,i am looking at these cheap boards)

1. ASrock wolfdale 1333 d667 r2.0 (for 3800 rs)


pci express, support a lot of proc,


2. Biostar gf7050v-M7 (for 3800 rs)


there is nvidia 7050 onboard,,will play almost all new games but since i already

have a dedicated pci,x card, has raid onboard, bad drivers though


3. asus P5N-MX, for 3800 rs

there is nvidia 7050 onboard,,

wanted to go for P5B-MX/WiFi-AP but it has a 1000 bus limitation.


any suggestions welcome

don,t buy asrock please

you will be crying when you give it for warranty

buy asus p5k-vm it supports next 45nm cpus also. and it also have all high end features you need to build a good pc

Why are you investing so little in something which can be very well secured as an investment for the next few years with a good cpu, ram and gfx card... upgrading mobo in 2 years will only result in equal investment if you buy a good mobo worth 10-12k now...

SaadIbrahim..looks like you have had some bad experience with asrock

chipmunk..this is just a system i want to build on the cheap before i get together enough money for a sli motherboard..

very bad indeed

even after the warranty i couldn't get it fixed (no one could find the parts)