Looking for software for webdesign

hi WP members i am looking to develop a really good professorial looking website i have tried many ways but i did not succeed yet,i am 0 in html java scrip n graphics,i have created few websites in webpage maker software can any body tell me any other website which have better option than web page maker,or any other online web designing tools i will be thankful to you,my main aim is clearly to get Google adsene approval on site so tell me the software based upon my need.i will get .com domain for it no problem but website should look like professorial website also suggest me what should be site about. i have a lot of free time to give to my site,but i don't want to learn web designing or graphics etc i want an easy software.

For starters Yahoo Page Builder on Geocities was really a good tool. Not sure if a tool like that is still available because Yahoo closed down Geocities last year, though it is still available in Japan.

Dreamweaver isnt for the novice. I would say try Frontpage.

Man, dont learn. Just market and outsource. if you think you can do it. PM me !