Looking for Decent Broadband ISP in North Nazimabad

Assalam O Aleikum everyone

I am situated in Block A, North Nazimabad.

since 2014, i have been using a 4 MBPS PTCL DSL connection (based on copper line) but i have had enough of their shenanigans !

Frequent disconnections are the order of the day and they have increased tenfold in recent times. Their dismal performance is untenable.

this has moved me to look for viable (and preferrably better) alternatives. If anyone has any idea about good ISPs (preferably Fibre Optic based) in North Nazimabad Block A, please let me know in the replies … I intend to replace my broadband connection as soon as possible !

Additionally, if someone could take a look at the DSL stats of my current connection and guide me a bit (esp with regards to line parameters) i would highly appreciate it !

P.S : (In settings i have tried to use internet by ticking only G.dmt or ADSL 2/2+ alone but the disconnections still occur )

I WAS faceing similiar issue and after trying every option i had to settle this issue but all in vain. So FINALLY i decided to move on and got CONNECTDOTNET cable net, and so far i am satisfied with its performance after almost 3 or 4 months. Gone are the days when i call ptcl and call their names, i pay 1400 rs for 4mbps: its cheaper then ptcl. Although i get less bandwitdh in evening or night time but even though iam ok with it, i am downloading guru so i download movies everyday and consumes more than 250gb per month. So i would advice you to go far connect dot ne if you didnt find any other good fibre optic alternative, and go for 4,5 or 10mbps connection according to your needs.


I am thinking of going for Cablenet as well now …

I have a question though … i want to use MI 3C router (4 antennas) which will cost rs. 2500 but the Cable guy says that the ‘cable’ internet is SOFTWARE based and will only run on the TP link router he will bring for rs. 2200…

sounds a bit fishy. Let me know if there’s any truth to all this … what exactly is this ‘software’ based internet ?

i was also told to use TPlink router but cable guy gave me option to purchase my own or let him bring one, its obvious he would earn commission on every sell he made, i told him to bring one and i gave him rs. 1500 for single antenna router, i would suggest you to purchase one from the market or look on olx, many users are selling in less price.

how does 2200 sound for double antenna router … my cable guy did not gave me any option at all …one jackhole he is

let me know bro.

and thanks for your help !

price starts from 1950 onwards depending upon the model. Ask for 2000 or 2100. For reference:

Tplink router price in pakistan
check this link, they can solve your router problem.