Looking for an oscilloscope. Atleast 10MHz

Aoa everyone. I am looking for a new/used(good condition) oscilloscope that is at least 10 MHz. My budget is around 10k. This is going to be my first one so i am not going to spend a ton on it. Please advise which one to get or if anyone is selling a preowned one. Thanks

Analog or digital?..you can get a used analogue 20MHz for around 5k in Hall Road Lahore.


Preferably digital. What do you think about this one? Hantek 6022BE. I might buy a Rigol later but not at this moment.

This is USB type with 20mhz bandwidth. May be overkill for your requirement. even exceed your budget. As a starter a cheap analogue one is best. In the end it all depends on your requirement.