Looking for a small oldest car with lowest price

hey guys plz help & guide me in finding old model car it must be 70s but in running conditions and price should be around 50k to max 70k

perfered models are


datsun 120y and 100a

or suzuki fx

plz ask around you if any one is selling inform me here thx

i know karachi is full of these kind of car but i cant come there is anyone knows the whole process of transporting car from Karachi to Punjab

Should post this in buying and Selling section

yeah you right move it

Pakwheels.com is a very good resource for car related !

Go to any mohalla workshop, where they are usually

building cars of that era. Ask around mechanics and

I am pretty sure somebody will love to get his junk off

his chest.

Now they might not be in the best of conditions, but I

take it you are not looking to drive a 40+ year old car


Sheikh 'Dhakka Start' Chilli

I had 82 model of FX (Japan's Assembled) with CNG fitted - KHI number...but sold it last year for 65k.


First of all hi to everyone. I just wan to say that you mentioned here different brand but, rare you ok with any kind of model that I am confusing here. Please tell me about your choice according to car. So , that it is easy for me to find the best price as well.

priority : datsun 280zx any 70s

corolla 70s but must be coupe

or any rare wheel drive 70s japanese

i'll buy in fair conditions as well but copy must be original not duplicate

Cars are quite expensive now a days.A guy in pindi was selling his fx for 2 lak ..the thing was it was in genuine condition..you won't find anything in running condition in this much price.Increase your budget & refrain from buying anything in this much price because the body will be waste,the engine etc.the expense will be more.


Agreed. I also had FX 82, engine was good but had wear&tear expenses on body etc...


Masters i have been through this myself.I bought fx in 2009 and sold it in 2011 october.The car was in fair condition but she was having body problems.. rusted from many major parts like gadri and the places where kamanies are fixed,its called Mukiyaan in desi language.My dentor told me to get rid of it because she needs major repairing on its body.The gearbox was a mess,it used to break the gears every month or so,i drove it without 3rd on highways :D She always used to toast gasket in t 3 -4 months :D.The thing is if you will buy an old car then be prepared to spend your weekends at workshops.The best thing in keeping old car is that you learn alot,your category increase from the general category of "steering ka driver"


Correct. old car teaches you a lot :)