Looking for a NEW Xbox360 (Mfr 2008)

Im looking for a new x360, Arcade or the premium version. I called ElectroDeals today only to find out they have overpriced it like f*k, 36k PKR for the arcade version when its only $279 in US and £159 in UK which equals roughly 21K-23K PKR.

I can get it from either of those countries actually, but if someone here has it and willing to sell, or if you know someplace which is selling at a better price, pls letme know, would save me alot of trouble.



yea i dont know why dealers in pakistan are charging exorbitant prices for the xbox 360. Someone at delawala quoted the aracade for 34000 which is insane since it doesnt ship with a hard drive.

Dear brother i will advise you not to buy XbOX 360 right now, new version of XBOX 360 going to be launch in this month of August which will be built on 65nm technology which will produce less heat & less power consumption. I am also going to buy XBOX but waitng for new version, may be new version also solve the problem of "RING OF DEAD".

It's two things that are stopping me from buying an Xbox360. The RED RING OF DEATH and the AWEFUL controller! :S

There is one thing that's pushing me to buy it... the ability of playing pirated games :D MERCY MEE!!!

AWEFUL CONTROLLER? Excuse me? Explain that part.

I guess ill have to get it from UK, but ive heard that the PAL (asian) version isnt able to play all copied games on it? if its true is it same for the European version? coz i was advised to get a NTSC version but getting it from UK is easier.

If anyone has any info on this please let me.



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AWEFUL CONTROLLER? Excuse me? Explain that part.

What’s there to explain bro?