Logitech Wireless MK 710 keyboard mouse review

There comes a point in your life, when you just give up and say

Faak you wires.

well that happened to me recently , so i went full retard and got myself 2 sets of wireless desktops, the MK710 and the K400 from logitech, from UK.


this portion is for the MK 710.. since this is a very very very very expensive set, the review / personal experience will help others make a decision when investing into a premium wireless desktop.

the k 400 will follow soon..

this review will keep updating..



the set is in a very huge box, here most of the space is taken up by the key board.. that is a huge ass full size keyboard with all standard keys and a lot of extras including a top lcd display for comon tasks.

mouse comes with 2 x duracell alkaline batteries.. the keyboad has these batteries preinstalled.

there is a unifying receiver and a usb extension cable and some manuals.


Dam that shiit is hawt and sexy.. really looks the part about the premium portion.. matt keyboard finish with top gloss multimedia and lcd portion, and a rubberized palm rest with a soift cushion like effect. keys are matt and white prints on them.

the mouse is large enough for my hands, pretty neat, and has matt finish with gloss borders.a shiny middle scroll.and again a rubberized thumb rest, very comfortable and deep, and that acts as another button as well.... 2 gloss side buttons, and an infinite scroll door lock for the scroll wheel.


in short, they are worth the price in looks department.



me not likey.....sounds too bad.... me not going to waste money on this.

As someone who was quite recently looking for a good quality wireless/bluetooth keyboard, I am looking forward to reading your review. Thank you in advance.

Somehow i cant edit the original post... this has happened a lot before too.. the 1st post many times canot be edited.. especially in classified..

so the review continues with more experience

THE MOUSE........(9.5 / 10)

OMG,, Gaming mouse it isnt, a very very comfortable productive mouse it definitely is

the mouse is actualy the star of the bundle.. extremely beautiful.. when looking from the top, it is curvy like a model (dove models, no toothpicks :D ) looking from sides its much more well sculpted than any other mouse i have used.. (94 different mice by now over the years, and counting)...its matt surface , so smudge free, and gloss borders wich give it a very chic look... feels great to hold and use./.. thumb rest is rubbersied for comfort.. the downside has on/off switch, and invisible laser.

the thumb rest is very very comfortable, and is also an Extra button, which is very hard to press but can be programmed to perform any function from logitech software.. the clicks are deep, with enough travel, register smoothly, and never miss. the forward back side buttons are thin, smooth and easily pressed.

the scroll wheel is a genious. there is a fluid scroll lock just behind it.. by default you can scroll like normal with click stops every turn like normal mice.. release the lock and the wheel flows like gel. smooth like butter.. just a little touch and it keeps rolling for like 10 seconds and can scroll through 20-30 pages before it stops. the scrolling is hyper fast, so office users will love it.

internet browsing is great to, especially in blogs which are long pages... it takes getting used to initially, but after that, its the best experience

the mouse is well padded, and smooth.laser mouse with hih enough dpi for good gaming.. weight is adjustable by removing a battery cell.. it even works with 1 battery.. 2 cells give it a 3 year battery life.. my indicator shows 1015 days remaining. comes with duracell .

Keyboard coming soon...

The keyboard/.

as seen in the pics.. the KB is BIG.. wide full sized keys, well spaced.. F keys are very small though, even though there is plenty of space above and below them.. well, most of us use the F4 key anyway so the finger positioning is a natural habit for us all. not a problem.

  • the F keys function as dual key with the Fn mode.. 12 common functions pre assigned and you can change them to any other purpose in the logitech software.. pretty neat and very helpful
  • 6 of comon Multimedia keys above. chrome coated, and stylish looking.. a central LCD provides quick look at caps on, battery life, num lock and some other features.
  • an eject cd button exists, but not much useful these days as everything is stored in hdd or downloaded..that canot be remapped by logitech software as it is not a standard KB key recognised by default layouts.
  • a calculator key is at the extreme right end above num pad.. although its by default calculator, i have remapped it to launch winamp in the logitech software..

  • typing takes some getting used top.,. keys are very wide, but flat with little press depth... you might accidentally feel like you might have missed a key, but its so responsive that it doesnot. the logitech mentioned ergo finger curve is actually nonsense, as it doensot help or produce any change. will get used to of the keys in a week.. lapop used will LOVE it though.. as the keys are rubberised and reqire less force than a standard desktop KB,..2 hand typing is comfortable..

  • Gaming is fine on this KB compared to the many others, as the wsad are big keys. and all others are well placed.. and the less travel is actual in gaming more than in typing. completed the ending of wolfenstien on this and compared to the previous used excellent Dell desktop wired keyboard, this is as good for gaming as anything else. great gaming experience in Assassin cred unity too.. much smoother key presses required, not bashing keys.

  • the palm rest is rubber grip, soft and comfortable.. and looks cool.. the back has 2 height adjusters.. i am using the larger one as the keys are now in an incline thats more natural to the hand.. 2 heights are a good inclusion.

  • with the heights and the rubber pads at the back for grip. the kb is solid on the table.. probably always need to lift it to move. so secure grip is a big plus.
  • keys produce little noise except the space bar, but thats a given in many KB. the KB itself is very light and on battery its almost 1200days of use remaining with the duracell batteries supplied with it. so thats a lot of ooomph.. almost 4 years.

  • Wireless range is full room..as i prefer to use my kb in the same room as my tv so i can see wtf i can do.. doubt anyone would have a 30 meter long room (like 3 kanal long single room ) or an eyesight to see from the 30 meter range on a monitor.. zero lag.. smooth AF