Logical And Physical Bad Sectors

Hey Guy,

I bought a Seagate SATA II HDD ST3500320AS couple of weeks ago running on SATA 1 Port as my board is old. Couple of days ago the whole windows partition was unmountable by the system. I reinstalled the windows. Today the system was freezing a bit. I ran the CHKDSK and the system shows 44kb on bad sectors.. I deleted that root partition and created it again and re scanned but it still showing same 44 kb of Bad sectors. 1st i wanted to know could it be a logical BS or Physical one? I have scanned other partitions of that drive and didn't find any BS. And secondly should i claim the warrenty and can warrenty be claimed on basis of BS? And at last how to check wether its a physical bad sector on the drive or logical one?

Thanks in advance for your help!

if ur HDD is giving u headaches, you've every right to claim ur warranty. simply take ur HDD back to the shop you bought and ask for a replacement or repair.

Yeah thats right. But i have lots of data that has to be moved so i was looking some kinda alternative otherwise claiming the warrenty sure is the option!

I have had my fair share with bad sectors as I had to clean two of my friends' drives, and in most cases they are logical which are easy to repair.

See this and this page for a little Information and possible solutions to fix bad sectors.

Logical bad sectors are usually removed by a low level formatting (zero filling). But this is a bad option if you have lots of data and nowhere to make a backup. If the Bad sectors are "marked" then they shouldn't interfere that much with your work as OS will skip them, but its best to clean them if you can.

if it s new HDD dont bother fixing them, get it replaced!

Thanks for the help Guys..

I did a secure erase on that partition using Partition magic and re created it and now its showing 0 bad sectors. So seems like it was juss logical one. i will check it few days otherwise gonna get it replaced!

Good to know you fixed it. As far as I can guess, it won't be giving you problems now IF the bad sectors weren't caused by PSU or faulty RAM in the first place.