Local UPS - adjustments on circuit board

Sorry, if i am violating any rules. I had posted this question in an open thread. However, due to no response. I am starting a new thread.

I have a local ups. This is my second one. I have noticed that circuit board of these local ups have three variable resistors. Can anyone please explain the settings these three do?

Each ups is different. You should ask this question from somebody who has a similar ups. or you can take the ups to an electrician. He will be able to look at it and tell you what this variable resistors are for.

The three variables are for adjustment of 1) Battery charge 2) Main supply and 3) Tripping due to low battery. By rotating "Charging/full" variable, you can set the battery charge level, at which the battery will be shown as full. Second variable is to set the main voltage so that when it is lower than a certain level, the unit will shift to battery. The third one is to set the low battery level, at which the unit will trip, so that the battery does not deplete to such a low level which is harmful for battery.

Great Thanks for detailed Info. (Y)