Local Cable Net?

I want to ask about the performance and issues related to the usage of LOCAL AREA CABLE NET..do they provide good service within 600R.s????

and any suggestions while using it???

and also tell the pre-requisites one should ask before getting the connection!!!!???

If you are after good customer service, decent speeds, fairly good online time, then cablenet isn't for you.

What you ask before hand well, if you download torrents ask if that is allowed as most cablewalas block them. If you want 24 hours online time, then ask that also if the electricity goes will the internet work(assuming you have an alternative source of power, i.e. UPS, generator, etc.)

Pretty common sensual stuff, ask what you want to know.

I'd still advice not getting cablenet though. However, if some issue restricts you(price/cost, availability and so on) then I guess you have no other option.

i guess that POWER issue has to be considered....

I am more a surfer than a downloader!!!!so in that point of view???

Depends really, some cablenets can be decent for browsing and some aren't. It's all about luck I guess.

ok..i ll respond after a short while after using!!!