Live Streaming

I couldn't find programming category so opening this topic here. I want to stream live video without user interaction, for example, this live geo tv stream here:

We cannot move forward or backward in timeline, just see what's being aired at that time. Please tell me how can i achieve this.

You can try Video Lan Player or Media player classic. Both allow streaming video for simple use.

For more customization, try IceCast with libtheora installed.

^ i was trying to upload media to server and then stream it.

Live Streaming via VLC and and Windows Media Encoder is pretty easy and simple...

If your servers supports PHP, you may try VideoWhisper.

If you search around a bit, you may find other scripts in whatever language you need as well.

already tried videowhisper, it's for webcam only. However, i found P2P video streaming and it's just what i need, but i'm still playing around.

^Have you figured out how to stream live media? as you were asking and searching before. As the referred link of Geo is not the example of P2P streaming.

P2P streaming is rather a completely different job from the one you asked above "Live Content Streaming". I am not sure if you are sure about what you are searching for.

I was just searching for something which let me stream live video, nothing particular. I had no idea about it, so found this P2P streaming, which is cool.

BTW, do you have information on goalbit? Or any other P2P streaming client?