Lithium batter as Bike battery with laptop module as BMS

Hi Techies,

I am planning to use Li-On batteries from old laptop battery to make bike battery. As per below video, I was thinking if we can use the module already present inside laptop battery as BMS?

Any suggestions are welcome.



There is hardly any need for a management system for an electric bike battery. Lithium batteries are an overkill. Just use a 12 volt lead acid battery and a simple local made charger to recharge the battery. Battery capacity for an electric bike will also need to be kept into consideration.

Bro perhaps there is some confusion… its not a electric bike but just cd 70 old model whos purpose will be just to keep system running smooth (horn and indicators etc)

However I see two issues.

  1. What is the state of health of the laptop cells? The cells may already be half dead if not gone completely.
  2. Laptop battery uses cells that are not easily amenable to soldering. These cells usually do not have metal tabs on their positive and negative terminals. You can end up ruining the cell due to overheating by attempting soldering on bare terminals.
    Check these aspects before proceeding further