List the Indian & Turkish Dramas on Pakistani Channels

Please share your list of foreign drama serials on Pakistani TV Channels like HUM TV, Geo Entertainment, Express Entertainment, ARY, Urdu1 and other like

Utran on HUM Tv

Qubool Hai on Geo Entertainment

Noor (Turkish Drama) on Geo Entertainment

Ishq-e-Mumnuh (Turkish) on Urdu1 TV Channel

and so on........

Manahir aur Khalil on Express Entertainment.

Minahil Aur Khalil on Express Entertainment

Never follow such crap. They will ruin your mindset.

Boycotted all these Indian/Turkish dramas. They are ruining Pakistani drama industry.

In the late 80s when Pakistani drama's where at peak, they were destroyed by the Indians, buying out all the good writers, now when finally Pakistan started producing good drama's they have injected Turkish drama's to kill them again.

we should compete not boycote. nor indian and turkish or any other countries drama can effect if we make better drama then of those.competition is in a sense good it will improve the quality of our local peoduction.

what are the original names of these dramas?

well this crap is still better than your 6pm to 11pm political dogs show and in morning 6am to 11am b!tchs morning shows

FYI BBC is also a news tv channel but it airs tech click, cars top gear, documentaries tv shows to entertain its viewers along with news bulletins

^You are allowed because you are an exceptional case. :P

To be honest I don't like desi dramas with typical family problems of in laws. And I am not suggesting you to watch Pakistani news channels.

You have torrents and broadband which gives you freedom to come out of box and watch international TV shows.

Its already ruined in this country.. we watch it for entertainment.Borden up your mind a bit...don't always compete yourselves with everyone.In reality we have nothing to compete for.

^Paye jan let me know when you start watching it. I will also watch with you. hush? :)

lay di jaan i watch turkish drama ,spare somtime and watch it。。。you will love it

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^It must be having some name na>?

ishq e mamnu ..its a nice drama

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