List of Access Points for All Mobile Service Providers

Can you guys help in compiling list of Access Points for all mobile service providers (specially for Karachi if it is city wise).

I have ufone connection, few days back the gprs stopped working, after talking to customer support they pushed the GPRS settings thru SMS and then it started to work, but when I try to edit the new settings to see the AP, it says that the settings are locked and cannot be seen/edited.

The AP is helpful specially when you connect your laptop to internet thru gprs because in modem initialization string property page you have to provide it.

Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

you may find this page useful:

Thanks @aamir7, I am looking towards compiling list of APs, I already know the procedure.


ufone prepaid:


zong prepaid:





i dont knw

Thanks @ShoukaT, this is what I was looking for....anyone else having details on any other AP, please post.