Linux migration question

I am preparing to move over to Ubuntu and have a question:

"Will installing Ubuntu on one of the 3 partitions of my hard disk enable me to access content of the partitions which have NTFS?"

Ubuntu development team had added support to read/write to NTFS.


i ran ubanta live cd and it didnt read my ntfs partitions

^ which version?

native read/write support was added in ubuntu 8.04

if you have a older version of ubuntu install ntfs 3G

i have latest ubuntu 8.04.1 lts

so once again lets join hands and say : "LINUX SUXXX"

Well shaukat my ubuntu reads all my NTFS drives just fine, and i transformed to ubuntu seamlessly although i am still learning things abt it thanks to Saad and Ruhaan

Are your ntfs partitions even mounted?

btw can i install ubuntu with windows that i can choose at boot that which os i wana run winxp or ubuntu.......

and where can i find ubuntu apps

^ yes u can

installin apps in linux is a bit different its hard to explain but once u install linux its a bit easier


ok i ll try...

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btw can i install ubuntu with windows that i can choose at boot that which os i wana run winxp or ubuntu…

yes u can buddy, its easier to do than it sounds like

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btw can i install ubuntu with windows that i can choose at boot that which os i wana run winxp or ubuntu…

and where can i find ubuntu apps


That’s pretty easy in case of Linux, Linux’s boot loader (GRUB) is intelligent enough to locate and configure other operating systems, however, the installation sequence should be

1) Windows

2) Linux

If you’ll not follow this sequence, windows will overwrite your MBR and you’ll end up booting in windows only.

In case of Linux, Grand Unified Boot Loader(GRUB) is installed on MBR and it automatically configures all the other OSs. Have fun using Linux.

For finding apps in ubuntu, check the following:


well although ntive support of ntfs works but sumtimes it fails to mount the partition... but you can always force mount the parttion... and always install ntfs-3g....

if the drive fails to be mouned you get a msg ussually tells you how to force mount but here is a link anyway

you don't need to go for a force mount all the time. Only when your windows was not properly shut down(goes to hibernation mode or something else), you need a force mount.

my laptop wireless card is not connecting to my wireless router

on ubuntu 8

I got hp pavilion dv6755ee notebook

hmmmm havent tried ubuntu on wireless yet, ethernet cables are the way to go for me, is your wireless card driver properly installed and what do u mean it is not connecting, is it not detecting the router, or not connecting after detecting it? then we will need the help of ruhaan here, Calling Ruhaan, Come in Ruhaan, we have a problem

@ virus-cracker

my bro has the same laptop u mention and i tried ubuntu with a live cd and wireless works just fine on it

still if wifi aint workin see this guide

@ virus-cracker,

make sure that your lappy is not one of the troubled ones. Read more about it at the following links:

My laptop has the same problem and now wireless doesn't work at all, both in windows and in linux. I talked to local HP customer support and they are willing to repair the wireless connectivity with an extended warranty service.

However, I must say that, I was disappointed with HP and selected a Lenovo Thinkpad as my next quest and pretty happy with it.

My wireless card is working fine on vista.

in ubuntu it also show my wireless card

but i am unable to connect to wireless network

I think there is drive problem