Linux and Wateen USB + Misc info

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I called the help line and the CSR told me that the wateen connection is shared 1:5.

That’s why we are facing this slow speed.


PTCL DSL is shared 1:10.

After the signal problem got solved yesterday, the device keeps loosing signals and searching for them again and again after every 3.30-4:00 minutes. When registering the complaint, the CSR said that I was connecting from a different location compared to before, and I too noticed that on the first I got connection (2nd december) there were three towers available, but now there is just one, and it has this signal problem. Lets see how long it takes for them to solve :(.

There were no signals from afternoon to 8PM today, but now they are back and the previous problem is gone. Though atm I can't seem to load any Youtube videos. Its page opens but the video player doesn't load. The upload speed is back to 256Kb, and download seems to be restricted at 125KBps (1MB), while before this it sometimes used to go up than that. As long as its 80KBps+ average for the most part, I am happy with it.

My Yahoo voice is isabled on wateen.

Some times it start working but mmst of the time its dead.

Is it so with your case?

Youtube is working great again.


I highly doubt they would have disabled it. It must be a temporary problem. I don't use Yahoo voice, but I have checked Google video chat (on Linux) and it works fine.