LinkDotNet being unfair

I had been complaining to LinkDotNet for a couple of weeks regarding very slow upload speeds. I was getting an upload bandwidth of 32KB only. Imagine a bandwidth of 32kb. That means an upload speed of arond 3-4kbps. I called them several times but everytime i was told that "You are on consumer package and 32KB upload 'speed' is normal". The customer support couldn't understand the difference between upload speed and upload bandwidth. After repeated requests they racked the upload bandwidth to 224Kbps which again came down to 64kbps after one day!! Now this was the limit so i called them up and asked for termination of the connection so that i can move to PTCL. They guy said okay and after a confirm callback my request for termination was registered. I called up the guy after a couple of days to inquire them about the status as my modem was still syncing up to their server. The guy said that the termination can take upto 30 days!! What a load of crap. This means i cannot switch to another provider for a whole month?? What do you guys suggest i should do? Is this fair? Do DSL companies really take up upto 30 days to terminate an account? I have already ordered a PTCL student package. Will the PTCL guys take care of termination by themselves? Thanks.

P.S. I am posting this from my backup Zong Edge conneciton on my Android phone btw, in case you guys are wondering :).

Just get an account with PTCL. They don't care who the existing ISP is. They will over-ride LDN and make you their customer. ;):D

I hope so too. Thats why i have ordered a 1MB package from PTCL. Lets see what they do. :D. I have been trying to upload my complete review of IDEOS on YouTube for a month now (on LDN)!! And the upload time it gave to me was 1,432 minutes :lol:

I remember switching to ptcl from LDN, i just ordered a connection from ptcl and they came and threw the ldn jumper away and installed their connection. I terminated LDN after that. I had to go to their franchise to return modem back. You may consider not returning their modem to recoup your losses ;)

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Just get an account with PTCL. They don’t care who the existing ISP is. They will over-ride LDN and make you their customer. ;):D


Is it confirmed that PTCL will take over LDN?

edit:sorry,misunderstood the quote

indeed LinkDotnet have bunch of fanatics in Customer service dept. I suggest you to call in the head office in Islamabad. You can contact some regional managers directly and then see the magic. If you are gonna change the service provider i would suggest Wi-tribe, it's a wireless service and affordable as well. Just make sure your area has sufficient signals before you subscribe for it.

Thanks for your input guys. Just called PTCL. They said someone would come at my home to install it within a couple of days.

@ amyswan

I have already tried Wi Tribe. It's a good service but heavily dependant on area. The signals were not strong in my area. So i used to get frequent disconnections. Another problem was the downloading cap. Even on normal browsing and little bit of YouTube i could easily cross the 6 GB limit. And then i had to buy another 5 gb for Rs. 100. But one thing i really liked about Wi Tribe was that once it was connected, the speed was constant. Not irregular like most other providers. And the browsing speed and downloading speed were equal.

Just got PTCL. Massive improvement as compared to LDN. The SNR margin for upload was 7 on LDN and it is 22 on PTCL. I thought the SNR values were dependant on the line quality. How come they have changed? Can somebody please explain this? Upload speed is now a healthy 0.28 mbps. :)


Glad it worked out for ya.

The only thing with PTCL is that you have to pray that please let everything be perfect upon installation cause when it does, nothing else beats PTCL.

I ditched my PTCL connection few months ago and then used cable internet for few months for which the cable wala had two PTCL 4MB connections on fiber and 1 LDN 2mb connection on copper.

I must say that internet via cable wala on 4mb fiber experience was awesome and whenever he reverted to LDN, it always sucked. download over 1 TB in three months on that cable connection.

Now I am shifted to a new home a got 4mb PTCL connection on copper .... considering copper, its great.

here are my line states as of typing this post. getting ~420KB/85KB on torrents almost always.


Yeah I am glad too. :D One more interesting difference between LDN and PTCL. PTCL is syncing at ADSL+ so my supported line data rate is 10MB while LDN used to sync with G.DMT. I have heard ADSL+ is better for speed and reliability.

The PTCL guy said that your line is weak, so may encounter disconnection sometimes. Our buiding's phone wiring is through the building walls. He asked me that he can make my line direct with the DP box so that speed and reliability will be even better. Didn't tell how much its going to cost though.

currently im getting this speed from LDN during the day all day


and at night after like 1 or 2am it gets faster but it only stays fast for a few hours and when the day rises it's back to slow again.

If i get PTCL will i get the speed i pay for or will they also give me this crap unfair speed and rip me off ???

Just disconnect LDN and get PTCL . DOnt return their modem. This is what i did.

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Just disconnect LDN and get PTCL . DOnt return their modem. This is what i did.



I have did the same and never looked back.