LInk Dot NEt Robbed me ..HELP!

Due to Attractive price ..I decided to go for 2mb LInkdotnet Home connection.

I called them and placed the order.

Next day a guy came and told me i would have to pay in advance for the team to work.

So i payed him My hard earned rs 12oo on 25 June,2010

A Guy came and tried to get things working but nothing could be achieved above 1mb..He told me that 2mb is not supported in my area.

So the connection was never installed for me ,and I was told that i would get a refund with in 15 days.

Since that day i have been continuously trying..

customer help line


But they don't seem to pay heed to my words..

I don't know what else to do..:( :( :(

Uploaded with

visit their office location ....

after that go here ..

You will get the refund - cause I did. It didn't take a few weeks - maybe a month or so - but I did get it, in the full amount.

And no, I'm not a spokesperson - I found out later that LDN wasn't available in my area (and now that they are in my area via a reach modem, I thought "naaaaaa")

For now?

Should I kik Back N relax ?:)

I highly doubt they are gonna send it ..:( :( :(

Go complain PTA (Pakistan telecommunication Authority)....

if ur line dont support this doest mean 2mb cant be ran on your phone....

Did u asked them(Ldn) to fix ur line...

Copper line can support upto 10mb