Limited xp login password issue..........urgent help!

hey ! i have a computer ,windows xp ,it has two logons ,one is mine ,other my brother/sisters, now what happened as both logons were on administrator account type ,but my sister changed my log into limited account, she has a password on her account, well i am a university student and need many softwares to run ,can you tell how can i regain my administrator status ,without letting her know, without reinstalling windows,

2) how can i see the password of other logon,

any type of hacking! plz help urgent

Umm...did you consider asking her to give you admin access again!

At the logn screen Two times press Ctrl+Alt+Del and the login windows will appear Type in the username: administrator , and you need to know the password default this password is kept blank, so try it. And then change your usertype. Thats the legal way to do it.

You cannot request for a hack here at Wp its against rules!


Hmmm thats the right way.

Legal hacks are allowed. Cracks are not.


OOOooo i remember one thing! If your admin has pass word on it not your sister's account. Open run and type

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control userpasswords2

a window will open and reset password for the "Administrator" and enable it (if not enabled), then logon to administrator. And then in user control panel switch your user to admin and set full rights.

Top 5 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools:

I've used the second tool, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, but it just removes the password on the admin account, it does not edit it, nor does it display it.

Ophcrack was too big to download (400mb-500mb) so I haven't tried it. If you look around on, you'll probably find a tutorial for it too.

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Umm…did you consider asking her to give you admin access again!

This is the moderate suggestion in all the aspects. You should ask your sister to gain access.

May be she is the one, holding the authoritative access to the computer and is not willing the computer being messed up with unneeded stuff. I really think you should request your sister with valid reasons…

but if you are some what good in understanding command line interfaces. You can use the “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor” as Osman has provided the link above. But you are gonna need having another computer and a cd writer to write this bootable tool to a disk.


I also have tried the Offline NT Registry Editor. I, however, was able to do the following changes with this tool successfully.

Removing Password, Edit the Password, Changing the User type from limited-admin or admin-limited.

It worked great…


I would only advise to use this tool if you are really good with command line instructions, or you may destroy various things on your computer.

Besides every thing I would again advise you to request your sister for it…

@Ani: Here is a picture by picture tutorial on how to remove the password:

@KA: It might be a problem with the specific version of Offline NT Registry Editor I was using.

its kinda hacking, most of the virus detect it as a virus but try pwdump or lsadump or try these links

or try my old project

Start your Computer and keep tapping F8 until the windows menu comes. Run your Windows XP in safe mode, it will not require any logins/passwords etc.

Now go to control panel, User accounts, reset or change the settings of any account you want.

That's it.