Letterhead pattern suggestion required

I am not good at it. Can you guys suggest a good pattern for a letterhead. I have seen letterheads with a company name on it and contact details.

But is it a good idea if one wants to have Product specific letterhead. For example, for this specific purpose, I don't want to make one with the company name "ABC" but I want to make specifically representing a product "123" by the company "ABC".

How would be the better idea to add both of the information into letterhead. while both the company and the product do have separate logos.

I am late on it. My dad asked for it last weekend but I completely forgot due to being bit busy these days. So please suggest ASAP.

I just attached a sample below. is it good?

Logo is just a fetched from google images. it may be the property of its owner and so blurred.

Looks good. However i suggest that the Company's "short" name (rather than the product's name) should be somewhere around the logo in order to create awareness and increase brand / logo recognition in relation to the company. You can still write the full legal name to the right of the logo as is in this format.