Lets Discuss Karachi vs Lahore in a positive way

Faisal-Qureshi's Views about Lahore and Karachi


What do you say about this video ?

Worst idea for a thread..

Lahore has Red Metro, Karachi has Green Bus................ discrimination :P

Lahore has metro because in Lahore there are no mqm mohajirs living those who burn buses like in Karachi....deal with it

PS. Jinay Lahore nai takya o banday da puter e nai

^^^ yeah man, actually they are pretty decent people, but like all fingers are not the same size, so does all people in any creed/community.

the problem with Karachi is "Mafia" who control everything, we have Transport Mafia, Water Mafia, Criminal Mafia, Financial Mafia God Know what else :P

I just said it for fun. i know the situation in Karachi and Lahore.

Why do we even need to discuss this? It is quite obvious that both cities have diverse backgrounds with people belonging from different communities. However, the only thing that is needed to judge a person's character is his morals and etiquettes.

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As for the topic... got nothing to say, lahoris will compliment their city while karachites will honor their place. They have different lifestyles, cannot understand each other.

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Worst idea for a thread…


again saying

Worst idea for a thread…!!!

I live in Lahore n i Love it. It is awesome place.