Let the liquidation begin -- HP's 16GB TouchPad on sale for $99


"Well, that didn't take long. It's only been a day since HP announced its intention to discontinue production of webOS devices, and it looks like the outfit's already throwing its flagship tablet in the bargain bin. PreCentral reports that HP sent out a memo to its affiliates asking them to cut the price of the ill-fated TouchPad to $99 and $149 for the 16GB and 32GB editions, respectively. The date apparently put forward by HP is August 20th, but at least two Canadian retailers (Best Buy and Future Shop) have already made the cut -- though both outlets show the sale ending August 22nd. As proof that being fashionably late isn't always a good thing, the white 64GB edition has surfaced on HP's US site, sporting a $600 asking price, leaving us to wonder, well: why now? If all of that isn't enough to turn your smile upside down, webOSroundup is playing the bearer of bad rumors, with what they say is an internal memo from AT&T stating that the carrier's launch of the Pre 3 has been "completely cancelled."

Update: Looks like the SlickDeals forums folks have discovered a way to bring those Canadian prices down south, and are reporting that they will be official in the US on Saturday morning. Hit up the link below for details."

SOURCE: ENGADGET - Let the liquidation begin -- HP's 16GB TouchPad on sale for $99

Questionable decision at best, by HP.

^They immediately lost 20pc shares on subsequent day. But still, $99 for this tablet is just too great!

where can i purchase them at the cheaper cost in pakistan.

That's what I would like to know????

@OP: Damn! I only read your post yesterday morning. A friend was coming over from Canada and could have bought one for me, but I got the news too late and by that time all the stock was gone. Over weekend 350,000 touchpads were sold in US alone and the game was over by Saturday the most. People were so crazy about it and the forums there were so active that on a forum I read the count of 9000 posts for the thread just in a matter of couple of days...

Thanks for the timely info though as you posted on 20th here.

Strange decision by HP. Buying something with huge potential and then sending it down the drain.

Guess nobody knows the whole Story well to put it simple Hp sold more the 20000 or something units of this tab but it didnt sell over 100 so the store contacted Hp to Return the units so they refused and the price cut was the only resort to get rid of the tablets so think its a good time to buy it i think it wont be that bad (Hope so :rolleyes:)

I missed it. feeling bad :(

May be I find it some where on craiglist or kijiji...

If some one find any exciting deal in canada, just email me !

i will buy one for you too !


Just wondering if anyone picked up a touchpad during the firesale?

When I planned to buy touchpad, it was already sold out :(

Out of stock everywhere. btw, some people are almost done porting Android to this tab. Most probably, Cyanogen Mod will be the first one to release.